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Expecting Quick Tips

  • Me and my partner attended the classes at Trentham, at first we were apprehensive but we found the classes really... read more

    Mel Avatar

    The course is amazing at Trentham. It was so Informative and me and my husband got so much out of... read more

    Rosie W. Avatar
    Rosie W.
  • The course is amazing. It was so informative and me and my husband got so much out of it- we... read more

    Rosie W. Avatar
    Rosie W.

    Expecting was a wonderful course to attend helping to prepare and gain valuable knowledge about birth and the early weeks... read more

    Rachel C. Avatar
    Rachel C.
  • we were on the course in Trentham with Gemma and it was great. We learn a lot of things and... read more

    Roci A. Avatar
    Roci A.

    Gemma explains everything super clear and doesn't leave you stay in doubts. She helped us a lot so we are... read more

    Rocío d. Avatar
    Rocío d.
  • Classes were really informative, and Freya was happy to answer any questions. I feel like I've made a really... read more

    Kirsty H. Avatar
    Kirsty H.

    Easily the best decision we made in the run up to the birth of our little girl. So much simple,... read more

    Mel W. Avatar
    Mel W.
  • The Expecting Antenatal course was a great way to prepare for the birth of our baby and to meet other... read more

    Susie M. Avatar
    Susie M.

    Expecting was such a valuable course and empowered both myself and my partner to prepare positively for the decisions we... read more

    Kate G. Avatar
    Kate G.
  • The classes were very informative and Freya is really knowledgable and approachable. It is a good place to meet other... read more

    Natalie F. Avatar
    Natalie F.

    Being first time parents, my husband and I were looking for an antenatal class where we could learn as much... read more

    Kate S. Avatar
    Kate S.
  • So many people came up to me whilst I was pregnant and recommended this class!
    My husband and I went...
    read more

    Kim R. Avatar
    Kim R.

    The Expecting Classes were incredibly informative and thanks to this knowledge and to the amazing tutor Gemma I had been... read more

    Amy J. Avatar
    Amy J.
  • would definitely recommend, gem the tutor is very approachable, friendly and experienced midwife making the classes very enjoyable, learning everything... read more

    Zoe W. Avatar
    Zoe W.

    Highly recommend to new mum's and dad"s to be. Gemma is a lovely person very approachable and experienced midwife. This... read more

    Zoe F. Avatar
    Zoe F.
  • My husband and I would highly recommend Freya and her antenatal classes! We attended two sessions over a weekend, and... read more

    Laura N. Avatar
    Laura N.

    I honestly can’t recommend these classes enough! My husband and I definitely had our heads in the sand until we... read more

    Keri E. Avatar
    Keri E.
  • We booked on to Freya's course after hearing glowing recommendations from a friend who, having attended the course before the... read more

    Sarah H. Avatar
    Sarah H.

    Recommended by a friend, we were nervous at first but the classes were great and just what we needed. We... read more

    Amy D. Avatar
    Amy D.