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Expecting Quick Tips

  • My husband and I would highly recommend Freya and her antenatal classes! We attended two sessions over a weekend, and... read more

    Laura N. Avatar
    Laura N.

    I honestly can’t recommend these classes enough! My husband and I definitely had our heads in the sand until we... read more

    Keri E. Avatar
    Keri E.
  • We booked on to Freya's course after hearing glowing recommendations from a friend who, having attended the course before the... read more

    Sarah H. Avatar
    Sarah H.

    Recommended by a friend, we were nervous at first but the classes were great and just what we needed. We... read more

    Amy D. Avatar
    Amy D.
  • My husband and I would highly recommend Freya’s class. We attended a weekend course and found it informative, friendly and... read more

    Katie L. Avatar
    Katie L.

    I’m writing this review as a Mum of a ten week old, and even now if I needed to, I... read more

    Charlie R. Avatar
    Charlie R.
  • We can’t thank Freya enough! The most amazing support when we needed it with any question big or small! It’s... read more

    Ben S. Avatar
    Ben S.

    Really enjoyed these classes and me and my partner learnt a lot it really helped us when the time came... read more

    Rachael B. Avatar
    Rachael B.
  • My husband and I have just finished the classes with Gemma at Trentham.
    We were really impressed with the information...
    read more

    Hayley M. Avatar
    Hayley M.

    The classes are absolutely fantastic and worth every penny. You will finish the course like we did not wanting it... read more

    Dave J. Avatar
    Dave J.
  • Being sceptical in the beginning about an online antenatal class we were totally delighted after just one video class already!... read more

    Charlotte L. Avatar
    Charlotte L.

    The classes were really useful and informative. Gemma was a brilliant teacher very friendly and knowledgeable and was able to... read more

    Liam G. Avatar
    Liam G.
  • Classes at Trentham with Gemma. We weren't sure what the classes would be like but enjoyed every session! Information provided... read more

    Ceri M. Avatar
    Ceri M.

    We would highly recommend these classes. We were first time parents and learned so much. Some excellent tips which helped... read more

    Olly O. Avatar
    Olly O.
  • Absolutely fantastic course that really is a must for expectant parents. The classes are divided into easy to follow sections... read more

    Jody N. Avatar
    Jody N.

    We recently attended the Trentham Expecting classes after lots of recommendations from friends and were not disappointed! Gemma is very... read more

    Emily L. Avatar
    Emily L.
  • Me and my wife attended Freya’s classes early this year. I was a bit apprehensive about going at first but... read more

    William L. Avatar
    William L.

    We were recommended these classes by family. They were absolutely brilliant. The information provided was so relevant and helpful. Freya... read more

    Sophie D. Avatar
    Sophie D.
  • Freya’s classes were informative, interactive and fun. My birthing experience was positive due to the preparation and knowledge gained in... read more

    Fay H. Avatar
    Fay H.

    A wonderful antenal class, me and my husband really felt that the classes helped us prepare for birth and for... read more

    Manpreet C. Avatar
    Manpreet C.