Freya Mahal - Expecting Antenatal Classes

About Freya

Freya Mahal is the founder of Expecting Antenatal Classes. She qualified as a midwife in 2005 and set up Expecting in 2010. Freya has journeyed with hundreds of families through the Expecting course and beyond – check out what some of them have to say.

Freya is married to Jake and has two children. She considers being a midwife and a mum to be a privilege. As a practising midwife for the NHS, she’s passionate about realistic antenatal education and has seen first-hand how it can make a difference.

Within the NHS Freya practises part-time clinically and also works within ‘practice development’, delivering teaching to midwives and ensuring that staff training is up to date as well as developing new and creative ways to keep such training up to date.

Freya’s passion for midwifery does not just lie in the UK. In 2005 she spent nearly a month in Uganda working with midwives, with a charity called International Needs. Her involvement with this charity has led to two further trips to Uganda and a growing interest in their building of a maternity unit in Burkina Faso. Through Expecting, Freya is able to support the development of this project and hopes to take a team of Expecting host midwives out there in the future! Freya also spends time investing in community development projects in south-east Asia with her husband Jake.

Freya is championed by her husband Jake who really believes in the vision of Expecting and the way it nurtures and facilitates families. He has been very involved with development of the business and deals with all the ‘technical side’ of Expecting which Freya, an out & out people person, finds monotonous!

As well as being passionate about her family & job, Freya also loves travelling, baking & catching up with friends over a decent cup of coffee or glass of wine!