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Alcohol in Pregnancy

Can I drink alcohol when I’m pregnant?

Surely the odd glass won’t hurt? Did you know that the UK has the highest number of pregnant women in Europe who continue to drink alcohol? Also older, more educated women seem to be the worst culprits! On every bottle of alcohol you will see a stop sign with a pregnant woman silhouetted inside it. Yet so many people seem to ignore this sign!


Research shows that alcohol in pregnancy does pass the placenta, which means it does pass to the baby. One of the very last organs to develop in a baby is their liver. We need the liver to process alcohol. Because of this, research shows there is no safe amount to drink during pregnancy.

Safe amounts

What’s safe is zero! A lot of people don’t realise that they’re pregnant and continue to drink. If this is you, you won’t be the first or last for that to happen. Our theory is that if you discover you’re swimming in croc-infested water, you’ll get out! If this news is new information to you, or you have just found out you’re pregnant, stop drinking alcohol!

Nights out!

Here are some tips if you’re only early in pregnancy and you’re not ready to tell everybody yet! Offer to drive! Play chauffeur – others will be grateful! Or have a sneaky word with the barman and make your cocktail, a mocktail! And don’t forget you can get products like ‘Nosecco‘ – we know it doesn’t taste quite the same but it will at least hide the fact that you’re pregnant! Whatever you decide to do, enjoy yourself and remember that there’s no safe amount of alcohol to drink in pregnancy.

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