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Stafford baby massage classes

the benefits are endless

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Feeling helpless when your baby won't settle?

Is your baby suffering from poor sleep, colic, constipation, trapped wind or teething pain?

Stafford Baby Massage Classes

Parents have seen a noticeable difference in their babies from regular baby massage.

"Freya, you're a baby whispering genius! Lily has slept since we left baby massage & hasn't woken up yet. I actually can't thank you enough!"  (Lucy, mum to Lily)
Our Stafford Baby massage classes help to promote relaxation which can improve quality of sleep, enhance growth & development, regulate the digestive system & reduce the discomfort of colic, wind & constipation.

dad's baby massage

Freya offers baby massage classes for dads, held over one 2 hour session at the weekend. This can be an amazing way to bond with your baby & offer a tool to help settle your baby.
"Lee was a proud dad coming home showing me his skills!"  Chloe, mum to Theo
dads baby massage

what's included in our Stafford baby massage classes...



Expert midwife Freya is trained by Touch Learn International, to teach infant massage, and also a trainer of trainers for them.
hot cold drink icon

hot or cold

Freya will provide you with a hot or cold drink during the session. It can feel like a luxury to have a drink made for you as a new parent!

towels & oils provided

You don't need to bring anything extra along other than what your baby may need for feeding/changing.
electronic handouts icon

electronic handouts

It's great to refer to these at home so you can continue to practice baby massage at a time when your baby prefers.

baby massage

6 hour course in Freya's home
spread over 4 sessions on weekday mornings
or a single 2 hour session for dads at the weekend

what clients say about our 
Stafford baby massage classes

At baby massage we met lovely Mums & babies & I have really enjoyed the bonding experience of some more physical/touch-based activity with baby. We loved it so much my husband even did Dad’s massage. Every step of the way we have found Freya to be encouraging, calming & supportive & I’m so grateful for the communities that have been built - I couldn’t imagine doing this baby malarkey without them!
Maddy, mum to Ezra
The baby massage classes are a great bonding experience for you & your little one! They're perfect to do at home and reminders are sent out after each session! The sessions are great to meet mums at the same stage as you & bounce ideas or talk openly during the tough weeks when needed! Freya is so welcoming & hosts them in her home which is a cosy environment for all! Highly recommend!
Cathy, mum to Alisaie

frequently asked questions

Babies should be no younger than 6-8 weeks old when you start the course & unable to crawl so you have a big window to book.

In Freya's home which is only just over a mile from the town centre situated on the Castle & Railway Station side of town.

Just your baby (please don't forget your baby!) and anything they may need in terms of changing/feeding. Oils & towels are provided as are rattles & toys.

We do recap each body part at the next session & provide electronic handouts so you can catch up.

Due to space, the places are for one parent & babies. 

We've all been there - we all understand! If it's your baby this week, it'll probably be another baby the next week. This is the best place to be if you're having a tough day/week. Also we acknowledge that the session time might be a fussy time for your baby so they may always be unsettled when you come - if you get to massage your baby in the session it's a bonus. This is about teaching you the techniques to use at home.

Yes & you’ll be made to feel very welcome at our Stafford Baby Massage Classes. This is a great opportunity in a relaxed environment to make friends.

Absolutely! Babies often sleep for some or even all of the session. There are dolls available for you to practice on or you can just relax & watch the techniques. These sessions are an opportunity to learn & apply your knowledge at home, but also a chance to create friendships, relax & be a little pampered yourself.

Please bring all babies! Freya will be on hand to help you juggle everything however please be aware she cannot massage your babies so they’ll need to take turns! There is no extra cost for twins or triplets.

come & enjoy

Be prepared to kick your shoes off, relax on the mats & unwind.
This 1.5 hour long class can leave you & your baby
feeling utterly relaxed!
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