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Each course session is informal & as interactive as you wish it to be. Please don’t be nervous. The video content will be paused by your host midwife allowing you to ask questions and chat to the group. The sessions cover the core topics of: Labour & birth, Pain relief & coping methods, Feeding your baby, Life after birth and these are followed by an Expecting ‘class reunion’.

All course content is geared toward both mum and birth partner (each booking covers you both!).

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Course Introductions

1. Labour & birth


No stones are left unturned. The information is realistic to help you, to help yourselves towards a natural, active birth. Some situations are beyond your control so included is preparation for when things don’t go according to plan, eg induction of labour, instrumental birth and caesarean section.

2. Pain relief & coping methods


This covers natural methods & coping strategies for the mum & the birth partner plus the medical options available.

3. Feeding your baby


Breastfeeding is focused on but also bottle feeding & safety information regarding Sudden Infant Death Syndrome are included.

4. Life after birth


This helps to prepare you for the early days of parenthood including practical, emotional & relational tips.

5. Reunion

A chance to meet up at a later date with your baby/babies, reconnect and eat cake!

NB: Expecting classes provide education and information relating to pregnancy, birth and the early days of parenthood. For the avoidance of doubt the classes are not a substitute for antenatal check-ups or antenatal appointments of any other kind. If you have any concerns relating to your pregnancy you must seek medical advice from your midwife, GP or obstetrician.

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