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early pregnancy
masterclass (live)

expert midwife

answering all your questions & the ones
you didn't realise you should be asking!
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so many questions & no one to ask?

You've had a positive pregnancy test & and you're between 4-20 weeks pregnant. You have so many questions whirring around your head. You know asking Google isn't the answer (let's face it, Google has never actually had a baby!). Your midwife isn't easy to get hold of & your niggling questions don't really warrant an appointment. Perhaps you're yet to tell friends & family...

what's safe?

what's normal?

Is this discharge normal? Is it safe to have sex? What appointments should I expect with my NHS midwife? Can I exercise? Are there foods I should be eating? What foods should I avoid? What supplements should I be taking? Is my bump too big? I don't have a bump! Should I be concerned? What medication is safe? Why do I feel so emotional? I don't feel pregnant, is this normal?

join the early pregnancy masterclass

all of your early pregnancy
questions answered...

expert midwife

In this early pregnancy masterclass live webinar, pitched at up to 20 weeks of pregnancy, we give you a top to toe explanation of what's normal & what's not. As expert midwives, we have decades of experience walking alongside thousands of parents of bumps & babies. We understand your concerns & questions. We debunk the myths & use scientific evidence for the information we give. We're here for you!

what's included in
our early pregnancy masterclass


live webinar

Live zoom webinar with expert midwife, Freya. A top to toe explanation of what to expect, answering your questions & more!

online resources

Useful documents to refer to which help you make notes personal to you. You can also access these at a later date.

ongoing education

Weekly timed emails specific to your gestation. Relevant bite sized, digestible emails to inspire, reassure & educate.


Your identity can remain private. If you're yet to share the news you're pregnant, attending this webinar can respect that.
expecting early pregnancy masterclass

early pregnancy  masterclass

expert midwife ~ live masterclass,
plus online resources & ongoing education

what clients say about us

This was recommended by our community midwife and we are so glad that we booked. Despite feeling very clueless initially, Freya immediately put us at ease and we learnt so much. Freya takes the time to answer all questions and nothing is too much trouble.
Jenna S
Freya came highly recommended by a handful of people I knew, and did not disappoint. We learnt so much and Freya was very friendly and knowledgeable and made us feel like no question was a silly one. I would definitely recommend!
Amy B

frequently asked questions

As soon as possible from knowing you’re pregnant until 20 weeks of pregnancy. If you're over 20 weeks pregnant, have a look at dates available to book on one of our full antenatal courses (in person or online).

No, your identity can remain anonymous. You can change your name on the Zoom call. Our records of your details are kept private and comply with GDPR regulations.

They'll gain a lot of understanding if they do. This might help them empathise with you throughout your pregnancy & help them feel more confident & more involved when offering support.

Yes, a recording of the Zoom will be sent out to you to watch (or rewatch). You'll have access for 72 hours. 

No, this is in addition to your NHS appointments, not instead of. Often at NHS appointments, the midwives or doctors don't have time to go into the detail we can in the webinar but they are your first point of call for specific health related questions about your own pregnancy.

we're here to help you

Whether this pregnancy feels like a smooth path or a crazy rollercoaster, we're here to journey with you! We explain what to expect when you're expecting. We pride ourselves on our honesty; we rely on science, years of midwifery experience & a sense of humour!
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