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Welcome to our Labour & Birth Online Course. No stones are left unturned. The information is realistic to help you, to help yourselves towards a natural, active birth. Some situations are beyond your control so included is preparation for when things don’t go according to plan, eg induction of labour, instrumental birth and caesarean section.

During your 7 days access to the Labour & Birth Course you can upgrade to the Full Course with Midwife Video Call without needing to pay any extra, overall, than the cost of the full course.



Labour & Birth Online Course

In our Labour & Birth Online Course you will cover the topics:

  • pregnancy
  • signs of labour
  • the latent phase & advice
  • what determines the length of your labour
  • going to hospital /calling the midwife
  • first, second & third stages of labour
  • what the birth partner might see
  • water-birth
  • when things don’t go according to plan

To get a flavour for some of the teaching we offer in session 1 as well as in our full curriculum, check out our quick tips on YouTube.

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My partner and I took the online Antenatal Class due to the current pandemic which consisted of 4 very informative videos, 2 video calls through zoom with other couples (who... read more

Robert Lawton Avatar
Robert L.

Freya was fantastic! Due to COVID-19, we weren’t able to do the in-person antenatal classes so we did her online course, which was really helpful. My wife had an emergency... read more

Joe Philpott Avatar
Joe P.

My partner and I have just completed the expecting online course and it has been an absolute godsend during the coronavirus pandemic. When we went into lockdown I was very... read more

Marianne Plau Avatar
Marianne P.

I completed the online antenatal course (during covid pandemic) which was brilliant. It was great that me and my partner were able to watch them at our leisure and we... read more

Nikki Harris Avatar
Nikki H.

Just finished a personal zoom call with Freya. What a brilliant service she offers! So personalised, informative and helpful. I did the online course and the access to videos was... read more

Julia H Avatar
Julia H.

Being sceptical in the beginning about an online antenatal class we were totally delighted after just one video class already! There was so much useful advice and insights given by... read more

Charlotte Liz Kühn Avatar
Charlotte L.

My wife and I did the online classes. The information was clear and comprehensive. I felt equipped and looked forward to having our baby. I remember using some of the... read more

Dieks Anthony Avatar
Dieks A.

My husband and I completed the online course and were so pleased by all we learned. Freya is very professional in her videos but also so light hearted and shares... read more

Amanda A. Avatar
Amanda A.

I watched the online videos which were informative, succinct and massively useful in preparing for birth

Nina Thorns Avatar
Nina T.

These classes are an absolute GAME CHANGER. So glad that I discovered them when I was pregnant with baby number two. Better than any pregnancy and birth book I’ve read.... read more

Lucy Snell Avatar
Lucy S.

We've been doing the online antenatal classes in Australia as a refresher for our upcoming second child (5 year gap!) and they're fantastic. Would highly recommend this course to anyone-... read more

Leila Booty Avatar
Leila B.


What type of births do you discuss in this course?

Everything you need to know about labour & normal births (in water and on dry land), instrumental births (ventouse & forceps), and caesarean births (planned & unplanned).

I’m worried about when to go into hospital/birth unit. Will this video help me to know?

Yes. We explain how to know when you’re in established labour and therefore when to call to go in.

Our clients rarely go in too soon thanks to understanding the stages of labour.

I’m planning a homebirth. Is this video still relevant?

Yes, we support and promote normality (which includes home birth if this is what you would like) and also prepare you for if things don’t quite go to plan, helping you feel in control throughout.

I’d like to stay at home for as long as possible. Will this video help me to do this?

Absolutely! We give lots of tips to help you confidently stay at home during the early stages of labour. These can still be useful when you think it’s time to transfer to hospital/birthing unit/call the midwife to your home.

This isn’t my first baby. Is the online course still relevant? Do I need all 4 videos?

Yes! They work as a brilliant refresher - so many parents say they didn’t realise how much they had forgotten!

Some people find the labour & birth video is enough of a reminder whereas others prefer to sign up for the whole course.

The hypnobirthing class is excellent whether this is baby no.1 or no.5!

If I purchase access to one video or multiple videos, can I still upgrade to the full course & will this include the video call?

Yes! If you purchase any of the individual videos and upgrade within 7 days, you’ll receive the discounted price.

Yes the video call is included when you purchase all 4 videos or the full online course.

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