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hypnobirthing live webinar

expert midwife

prepare for a relaxing pregnancy,
improved sleep & a calm birth
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nervous? anxious? can't sleep?
don't want to think about giving birth?

Fear & anxiety activates our fight or flight mode (sympathetic nervous system) which releases cortisol (stress hormone - not good for you or your baby) & makes for a tense pregnancy. This can also slow your labour down, make the whole experience more painful & potentially lead to unnecessary intervention.

what the heck is hypnobirthing?

pregnancy tired disturbed sleep

tiredness &
disturbed sleep?

Poor sleep in pregnancy is debilitating & draining. It can feel lonely, especially when you're the only one awake. It exacerbates nausea and often leaves you feeling down. If this is how you're feeling, you're not alone...

relaxation, better sleep,
calm birth

Hypnobirthing enables you to enter your 'rest & digest' mode in pregnancy & your 'rest & progress' mode in labour (parasympathetic nervous system). We offer numerous practical changes you can make to stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system. We also teach you breathing and visualisation techniques to use which help enable you to relax, sleep better, look forward to your birth and remain calm throughout. Many of our clients report improved sleep & reduced nausea using the techniques we teach.

what's included...

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2 hour live webinar with expert midwife, Freya. Explanation of how & why hypnobirthing works & how to apply it to your situation. Cameras remain off. Sound is muted.
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online audios

9 months access to all the audio files you need to practice. Choose a male or female voice, with or without music. Choose the level of visualisation to suit you.

ongoing support

There is time to ask questions at the end of the live webinar & you also have access to our expert Expecting midwife, Freya, to continue to message at a later date, as and when questions arise.
online resources icon

online resources

9 months access to pdfs scripts to download & read. Also included are positive (realistic) affirmations to print out and stick on the walls or to use as screen savers on your phone.

hypnobirthing live
online webinar

our Hypnobirthing live webinar,
9 months access to all the resources you need to practice, plus ongoing support for just £35!

what clients say about us

I've always been somewhat sceptical about hypnobirthing but honestly, the breathing exercises and training that Freya provided was transformational! Our labour & birth experience was calm & using the techniques Freya taught me, meant I was able to manage contractions & breathe my baby out without the need for loads of pain relief or stitches! I am forever grateful to her!
I'm actually kind of looking forward to labour now! Your hypnobirthing class was really informative & I feel really confident with a tool kit to prepare me! (Emily before birth)
Even though there were moments of pain, I didn't feel any fear! I could just trust what my body was doing & the midwives just stood back and let me get on with it! (Emily after birth)

frequently asked questions

our approach

We offer a straight forward, straight talking, no nonsense, facts not fluff course explaining how hypnobirthing works (it's not hypnosis; it's got an unhelpful title!). We rely on science, years of midwifery experience & a sense of humour! We call a contraction, a contraction (not a 'surge' or a 'wave') & we don't use breathy voices or play whale music! We equip you with everything you need to practice, remain calm, help sleep, reduce nausea & approach birth in a new & positive way. We're realistic & have seen the techniques we teach work as well with a planned home birth as with an emergency Caesarean section.
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