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Sadly in the NHS, midwives are rushed off their feet. Appointments often feel too brief and a box ticking exercise. If you're pregnant or your baby is less than 28 days old, book now with our Expecting midwives to experience personalised care and your questions answered. This could include home visits antenatally and/or postnatally, feeding support etc. You could even ask Freya to be on call, to be present at your birth as a second birth partner.

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Having Freya at my birth made this experience so much easier for me; a friendly face who I trusted was the reassurance I needed. It's an intimate, vulnerable yet exciting moment when you go into labour! Having Freya there gave my husband the extra support and myself the strength I needed and we got to share this magical moment with her. Always grateful to have Freya's help from when we started our classes, all the way through to the birth and on to her postnatal classes.
Yasmin S
Freya was a wonderful calming presence at the birth of our son. He decided to make an early appearance & arrive at home. From the moment Freya arrived she provided unwavering emotional support, offering words of encouragement & reassurance. Secondly, Freya was knowledgeable about different birthing techniques & helped create a calm & comfortable environment. Lastly, her gentle touch & soothing presence eased any discomfort, helping my son be born at home in a truly memorable way!
Suzie K

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Perhaps you're planning a home birth? At Expecting we're passionate about supporting you in your birth choices. Freya gave birth to both her children at home & would love to help you explore this option.
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