Virtual Antenatal Classes

£100 (Pay deposit now of £20.00)

Virtual Antenatal Classes are the perfect solution for those wanting to access content at a time suited to them but also benefit from being in a supportive community context. You’ll receive access to all our course videos and extra materials along with scheduled group calls (select dates below) with other Expecting parents and your host midwife. Once you’ve booked, your host midwife will be in touch to arrange paying the balance for your course.



Our Virtual Antenatal Classes provide the same great group vibe of our local classes but are available worldwide via the magic of the internet. You’ll receive access to all course videos and materials as well as conference calls with your group of parents, with similar due dates, along with your host midwife; this is a great time to ask questions, share stories and create community. You’ll also be able to share the journey with your group and host midwife via a WhatsApp group throughout pregnancy and the early days of parenting.

Once all the group’s babies have arrived you’ll have a class reunion, either virtually or in person if preferred, and logistically practical.

Each session is informal & as interactive as you wish it to be. Please don’t be nervous. The video content and additional resources can be watched/accessed when convenient to you. You’ll then join the pre-scheduled conference video calls with your group and host midwife where you’ll receive advice tailored to your pregnancy as well as benefit from the questions asked by others and the camaraderie of being with others in the same boat.

Our virtual antenatal classes cover the core topics of: Labour & birth, Pain relief & coping methods, Feeding your baby, Life after birth.

Check our the reviews of our courses. Or our quick tips on YouTube.

Full range of topics covered:

  • pregnancy
  • signs of labour
  • the latent phase & advice
  • what determines the length of your labour
  • going to hospital /calling the midwife
  • first, second & third stages of labour
  • what the birth partner might see
  • water-birth
  • when things don’t go according to plan


  • attitude towards pain
  • role of the birth partner
  • coping methods for early labour
  • natural pain relief
  • medical pain relief


  • skin to skin
  • breastfeeding benefits to mums and babies
  • sterilising
  • bottle feeding
  • SIDS (cot death)
  • challenges of breastfeeding
  • anatomy & how it works
  • expressing
  • breastfeeding and partners


  • how life is about to change
  • first hour with your babies
  • visitors
  • practicalities
  • first days with your babies
  • why do babies cry?
  • nappy changing
  • bathing baby
  • dressing baby
  • car-seat safety
  • insight into parenthood



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13th, 20th, 27th Oct, 3rd Nov (Tue), 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th Nov (Thu), 5th, 12th Dec (Sat), 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th Jan (Thu)


Freya’s classes were informative, interactive and fun. My birthing experience was positive due to the preparation and knowledge gained in expecting. Thank you Freya.

Fay H. Avatar
Fay H.

This course really opened our eyes to what to expect, can't believe we were even discussing if it worth the money or not! It is definitely a must have and... read more

Norris Y. Avatar
Norris Y.

Freya is lovely. The class is very informative without being overwhelming. I feel a lot more comfortable about becoming a parent after going to this class. She's also there to... read more

Claire P. Avatar
Claire P.

positive review Could not recommend Freya’s classes enough! Me and my husband found the sessions to be excellent and highly informative. Friendly atmosphere with other couples who were also becoming parents for... read more

Julie W. Avatar
Julie W.

We specifically wanted to book these classes on the recommendation of some friends who had attended and found them very useful. Being from a medical background, myself and my husband... read more

Tamzin B. Avatar
Tamzin B.

I would recommend this course to new parents and exsisting parents who feel they need a refresher. My story that I’m an exsisting Mother of an amazing girl. I wanted... read more

Evelyn H. Avatar
Evelyn H.

We attended the Expecting classes in Stafford and they were brilliant. I would definitely recommend these to any first time parent. The classes really helped me feel much more prepared... read more

Heather J. Avatar
Heather J.

Friendly and informative course without being scary! Freya is full of knowledge and feel ready for the next chapter in our lives! Also a bonus having a weekend course to... read more

Emma P. Avatar
Emma P.

Throughly enjoyed these classes. Non of that sitting round on the floor doing breathing exercises like I was dreading just up-to-date practical information about pregnancy, birth and baby care.... read more

Tahlia M. Avatar
Tahlia M.

I would highly recommend!

My husband and I attended the antinatal class in February and it was extremely useful.
We were undecided if it was something we needed as I felt...
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Ashley P. Avatar
Ashley P.

Freya was simply outstanding! As a 1st time dad going into the unknown of labour and parenthood, I can’t begin to describe how beneficial the expecting sessions were. They have... read more

James S. Avatar
James S.

positive review We are so grateful to Freya and Expecting. We had, had a rough time with midwives and we felt completely in the dark on what was going to happen. However... read more

Rhian E. Avatar
Rhian E.

positive review The classes worked really well for us as we were both working full-time and they took place in the evening at a venue close to home. My husband and I... read more

Michelle J. Avatar
Michelle J.

These classes were highly recommended to us by many of our friends so we didn’t hesitate to book. Having recently completed the course, we are so glad we booked.
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Laura S. Avatar
Laura S.

My wife and I did Freya's course over seven years ago now and I can't say how much we appreciated the knowledge we gained from the course. The amount of... read more

Dave S. Avatar
Dave S.