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Newborns in the Heat and Sun

Stay in the Shade & Cover Up

If you’ve got a newborn during a sunny season or in the heat, obviously avoid putting them in any direct sunlight. Keep them in the shade! Babies don’t have as much melanin as we do. This is to do with their pigment, which determines the colour of their hair, eyes and skin. This also means that they don’t have as much protection from the sun because they’ve got low levels of melanin. So make sure you put plenty of sun cream on any part of your baby’s body that’s exposed. Buy ones that are suitable for babies because they may well have quite sensitive skin. Always make sure they’ve got a sun hat on. Have fun keeping that on if your baby’s starting to grab things! You will be constantly playing a game of putting it on & them taking it off! But it’s really important that you keep them in a sun hat.

Open Up!

One thing that people are often tempted to do with newborns in the heat and sun that just makes me cringe (and it’s vital you don’t do this) is to cover your car seat, your buggy, or your pram with ANYTHING! Even something really thin like a muslin cloth will actually trap the warm air in with the baby. It keeps heating up & they’re just going to get hotter & hotter. It’s really, really dangerous! Be sure never to do that!

Breastfeeding – Little & Often

If you’re breastfeeding you baby in the heat and sun, you may well find that your baby wants to feed more frequently than normal & that’s okay! Go with it! We’re all needing to drink more! You may find that they have more frequent shorter feeds. That’s because they’re trying to drink more of the watery milk that they get initially when they feed & less of the fattier milk that fills them up. This enables them to quench their thirst and that’s okay, go with it! You don’t need to give your baby anything other than breast milk if you’re breastfeeding – so you don’t need to give them any water.

Bottle Feeding

If you’re bottle feeding, you may find that your baby enjoys some cooled boiled water but be sure that you give them this on top of their regular milk & not instead of! Keep a close eye on their nappies. You should see at least four wet nappies a day. If you’re unsure, because nappies are very absorbent these days, pop a cotton wool ball inside the nappy. You’ll soon see if it’s wet. Keep an eye that the urine isn’t really dark in colour, because this might mean that they’re a bit dehydrated.

Stay Cool

If you’ve got access to a paddling pool, pop your baby in it, they’ll love to play & splash. Get in it yourself! Also give your baby a cooler bath before bedtime – not cold water – but a cool bath. Do the same yourself before you go to bed!


If you’re worried about your baby in any way: if they seem unwell, if they have got a raised temperature, if they’re not acting like normal, always seek medical attention! These are some tips that hopefully will help out your baby in the heat and sun. If you’d like to cover all you need to know for pregnancy, labour, birth, pain relief, coping methods and life after birth then do check out either our courses in your local area or one of our online options!

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