Online Antenatal Course

  • Comprehensive Antenatal Course
  • Qualified & Practising Midwives
  • 1-to-1 Support
  • Video Call with a Qualified Midwife

The Expecting Online Antenatal Course gives you and your birth partner access to our comprehensive antenatal curriculum all in the comfort of your own home. You won’t miss out on individualised care thanks to receiving a personal video call from an Expecting Midwife. You’ll also have access to ongoing support from your midwife via text and phone throughout your pregnancy.

Throughout the course you’ll cover the important topics of:

You can also opt to purchase each session as a stand alone module. The cost for each module is £25 and you can always upgrade to the full online course after having completed your first stand alone session – this is a great way to get a feel for the course without committing to the full amount upfront.

Course Intro Video


You can also get a flavour for some of what we cover by checking out our quick tips playlist on YouTube.

Online Course Reviews

  • Robert L. Avatar
    Robert L.
    27/08/20 - Facebook

    My partner and I took the online Antenatal Class due to the current pandemic which consisted of 4 very informative videos, 2 video calls through zoom with other couples (who... read more

    Joe P. Avatar
    Joe P.
    13/07/20 - Facebook

    Freya was fantastic! Due to COVID-19, we weren’t able to do the in-person antenatal classes so we did her online course, which was really helpful. My wife had an emergency... read more

  • Marianne P. Avatar
    Marianne P.
    23/06/20 - Facebook

    My partner and I have just completed the expecting online course and it has been an absolute godsend during the coronavirus pandemic. When we went into lockdown I was very... read more

    Nikki H. Avatar
    Nikki H.
    13/06/20 - Facebook

    I completed the online antenatal course (during covid pandemic) which was brilliant. It was great that me and my partner were able to watch them at our leisure and we... read more

  • Julia H. Avatar
    Julia H.
    14/04/20 - Facebook

    Just finished a personal zoom call with Freya. What a brilliant service she offers! So personalised, informative and helpful. I did the online course and the access to videos was... read more

    Charlotte L. Avatar
    Charlotte L.
    13/09/19 - Facebook

    Being sceptical in the beginning about an online antenatal class we were totally delighted after just one video class already! There was so much useful advice and insights given by... read more

  • Dieks A. Avatar
    Dieks A.
    12/03/19 - Facebook

    My wife and I did the online classes. The information was clear and comprehensive. I felt equipped and looked forward to having our baby. I remember using some of the... read more

    Amanda A. Avatar
    Amanda A.
    12/03/19 - Google

    My husband and I completed the online course and were so pleased by all we learned. Freya is very professional in her videos but also so light hearted and shares... read more

  • Nina T. Avatar
    Nina T.
    14/03/18 - Facebook

    I watched the online videos which were informative, succinct and massively useful in preparing for birth

    Lucy S. Avatar
    Lucy S.
    04/03/18 - Facebook

    These classes are an absolute GAME CHANGER. So glad that I discovered them when I was pregnant with baby number two. Better than any pregnancy and birth book I’ve read.... read more

  • Leila B. Avatar
    Leila B.
    28/01/18 - Facebook

    We've been doing the online antenatal classes in Australia as a refresher for our upcoming second child (5 year gap!) and they're fantastic. Would highly recommend this course to anyone-... read more

    Alia H. Avatar
    Alia H.
    30/09/17 - Facebook

    Freya is an excellent teacher, and as first-time parents, she guided us on all aspects of labour as well as handy "after" tips as well. Highly recommend her classes! She... read more

When to buy

It’s best to buy access to the online antenatal course between week 30-38 of your pregnancy. This is to ensure that you have already had time to feel comfortable with the fact that you are carrying your baby and best ready to begin to think about the arrival of your baby. This time frame also means that all the info (and questions answered in your video call) will be fresh when it is most needed. You can of course choose to access the course at any other time convenient to you.

If buying sessions individually then sessions 1 & 2 should be completed during pregnancy but sessions 3 & 4 can be completed either during pregnancy or after giving birth.

Buy Now – Individual Sessions

Choose any one of our sessions. You can always upgrade to the full course during your 7 day access and save £35 on the individual sessions and video call. Choose from:

  • Labour & Birth (Session 1)
  • Pain Relief & Coping Methods (Session 2)
  • Feeding Your Baby (Session 3)
  • Life After Birth (Session 4)

Buy now – Full Course

After completing your purchase & making payment you will be able to access your videos and downloadable content through the ‘my account’ tab – you’ll have access for 30 days. Use your email address and chosen password to log in. We’ll also send you a confirmation/link email that will take you directly to your account – please make sure this doesn’t slip into your junk folder without noticing! Within a few days an Expecting midwife will be in touch to arrange your video-call.

Other Online Services

Alongside our comprehensive online antenatal course we also offer one off video calls with an Expecting midwife. This is a great way to get the support you need when you need it without even having to leave the house. We can schedule a call at a time that suits you! This is available throughout your pregnancy and can also be booked in the 28 days after giving birth with and will be fulfilled by our partners ‘Beyond Expecting’.

  • Midwife Video Call

    Midwife Video Call