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Pregnancy in the Heat and Sun

Top Tips For Pregnant Mums in the Heat and Sun

Pregnancy in the heat and sun can be a real test, but there are a number of things you can do to help you feel more comfortable in the heat and stay safe in the sun.

Don’t avoid the sun!

Those of you who are pregnant, you are more susceptible to sun damage, so it is important to cover yourself up, but not entirely! It’s actually really important that you get some sun for your overall health. To do that, go out in the sun for just less than half the amount of time than it would normally take for you to burn. So if you would normally burn after 20 minutes, eight minutes is a good time to go outside, without covering up – without sun cream, to get some Vitamin D and a host of other benefits. After that, wear sun hats, use sun cream, or light clothing to keep yourself covered and protected from harmful UV rays.


Our favourite tip for the sun, whether you’re pregnant or not, is that you should eat dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa content) because that actually helps prevent sun damage! I’m sure we don’t need to give you excuses to eat chocolate, but those of you who like milk chocolate, switch to dark chocolate! Get used to it because it is really good for you! If you’re not keen, start by eating 50% cocoa and slowly move up to 60% cocoa…carry on like that and you’ll end up loving 85% cocoa!

Ice, Ice, Baby (DO NOT ice your baby!)

A great tip for pregnancy in the heat and the sun is to get bottles of water & put them in your freezer! Remember when you do this that they expand so don’t overfill them so they end up exploding! Have one that you can keep drinking as it slowly melts – this is particularly good to do overnight. It’s worth having a normal bottle of water too, otherwise you might just have a block of ice next to the bed! Seriously! Do not put ice on your baby or give them iced water – remember, they are way more sensitive than you!

Ice + Fan = Win!

Another tip for bottles of frozen water is to put them in front of a fan, if you’ve got one. Fans just circulate the air & if the air’s warm it’s just circulating warm air! Put a bottle of frozen water in front of the fan and it will cool you down. If you find you’re really hot, you could put your feet in a bucket of cold water – that’s always really refreshing. Those of you who work at a desk, just pop it under the desk! No one will know!

Wet Socks. No, Really!

One tip that you may find gross, is put wet socks on! Get your socks, wring them out in some really cold water, pop them on as you go to bed and you will find that this cools you down. If you’ve got muslin cloths in ready for when baby arrives, get those, soak them in cold water (maybe even put them in the fridge for a while) and then just lay them over yourself – it’ll be really refreshing. If you have bought big maternity pads, try soaking those in cold water and putting them in the fridge. They stay cool for longer than a flannel. This is a great tip for labour too!

Cool your blood

Another great thing to do when pregnant in the heat and sun, especially at night time, is get your wrists & run them under cold water. All your veins are at the surface on your wrists & that’s why it helps to cool you down quicker than running another part of your body under cold water. Get hold of a cheap spray bottle which has got like a fine mist & just douse yourself down regularly. That’s also a great tip for labour. Pop your moisurisers in the fridge! This makes them really refreshing when you put them on your face. Especially on your legs, ankles & feet. You might have to get someone to help you if you’re in your third trimester and you can no longer reach your feet!

Try a cold water bottle

We’re all used to making up hot water bottles in winter but how about filling that baby with water from the fridge in summer? Just remove the fluffy cover (if it has one) and hug this in bed instead of your partner…let’s face it, in a heat wave hugs are not allowed!


This one sounds really obvious, but it’s essential that you drink plenty! Pregnant women are often guilty of not drinking enough water because they’re so worried about the baby bouncing on their bladder! They’re going to keep needing to pee! However, on a day that’s hotter than normal, it’s absolutely essential that you drink more than normal!

What about my baby?

If you’re wondering about your baby in the heat and sun… check out this post! These are some tips that hopefully will help you out in the heat when pregnant. If you’d like to cover all you need to know for pregnancy, labour, birth, pain relief, coping methods and life after birth then do check out either our courses in your local area or one of our online options!

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