• Lee Knowles Avatar

    We signed up to and attended an expecting course with Freya almost 7 years ago, and thought at the time how great the course was, (especially when compared to the... read more

    Lee Knowles 18/05/19
    Lee K. Avatar

    We signed up to and attended an expecting course with Freya almost 7 years ago, and thought at the time how great the course was, (especially when compared to the... read more

    Lee K. 18/05/19
    Misba C. Avatar

    Learnt so much from these classes and would highly recommend to friends and family! Myself and my husband were originally apprehensive and nervous but were soon put at ease by... read more

    Misba C. 16/05/19
    Riona M. Avatar

    A friend recommended the Expecting Antenatal classes to us, and we were so pleased that we went ahead and booked them. Freya is extremely knowledgable, very approachable and friendly and... read more

    Riona M. 16/05/19
  • Louise Shenton Avatar

    Excellent classes. Lots of really useful advice for first time parents. We felt a lot more prepared for baby after attending.

    Louise Shenton 15/05/19
    Abbie Louise Lawrence Avatar

    My husband and I attended expecting classes after finding them online and seeing the good reviews. We were not disappointed. We both felt they were very informative and helped us... read more

    Abbie Louise Lawrence 15/05/19
    Riona Mulherin Avatar

    A friend recommended the Expecting Antenatal classes to us, and we were so pleased that we went ahead and booked them. Freya is extremely knowledgable, very approachable and friendly and... read more

    Riona Mulherin 14/05/19
    Jenna G. Avatar

    Myself and my husband really enjoyed these antenatal classes. The advice and support given by Sarah was fantastic, and she made us feel a lot less anxious about the upcoming... read more

    Jenna G. 11/05/19
  • Jenna G. Avatar

    Myself and my husband really enjoyed these antenatal classes. The advice and support given by Sarah was fantastic, and she made us feel a lot less anxious about the upcoming... read more

    Jenna G. 10/05/19
    Hannah Diago-Williams Avatar

    We were recommended Expecting classes by friends, and we are so glad we were! The classes were very laid back and friendly, as well as being full of great information... read more

    Hannah Diago-Williams 16/04/19
    Hannah W. Avatar

    We were recommended Expecting classes by friends, and we are so glad we were! The classes were very laid back and friendly, as well as being full of great information... read more

    Hannah W. 16/04/19
    Abi Jabi Boyce Avatar

    Freya's class videos are great and our host midwife Sarah in Penn, Wolverhampton was so lovely and answered all our questions.. she's even been there for us on Whatsapp whenever... read more

    Abi Jabi Boyce 28/03/19
  • lizzie W. Avatar

    Brilliant classes delivered by Sarah, we ended up being the only two people booked on to the session we had, at first we were disappointed by this but we had... read more

    lizzie W. 22/03/19
    Dieks Anthony Avatar

    My wife and I did the online classes. The information was clear and comprehensive. I felt equipped and looked forward to having our baby. I remember using some of the... read more

    Dieks Anthony 12/03/19
    Amanda Anthony Avatar

    My husband and I completed the online course and were so pleased by all we learned. Freya is very professional in her videos but also so light hearted and shares... read more

    Amanda Anthony 12/03/19
    Amanda A. Avatar

    My husband and I completed the online course and were so pleased by all we learned. Freya is very professional in her videos but also so light hearted and shares... read more

    Amanda A. 12/03/19
  • Samantha Johnson Avatar

    fantastic ante natal classes. the content was open and honest whilst being delivered in a reassuring way. Freya has a wealth of knowledge and shares throughout the whole course. can't... read more

    Samantha Johnson 07/02/19
    SLogan F. Avatar

    Freya has so much knowledge and delivers it in a totally understandable way, answering any questions along the way. Each session was welcoming and comfortable for both mum and dad... read more

    SLogan F. 07/02/19
    Natalie Blake Avatar

    As expecting parents, embarking on this incredible journey for the second time, my husband and I were looking to refresh our knowledge. We were amazed at what this marvellous course,... read more

    Natalie Blake 02/02/19
    Laura Smith Avatar

    Can’t recommend highly enough! Both me and my husband really enjoyed the Expecting classes. My husband had to miss one session due to work but thanks to the online content... read more

    Laura Smith 29/01/19
  • Lucy B. Avatar

    Sarah is fantastic, the course and all her advice, really helped us have a successful and relaxed labour.

    Lucy B. 22/01/19
    Davinia B. Avatar

    Brilliant classes! I thought I wouldn't need them but they were so informative and we both learnt a lot. Sarah is lovely and was at the end of the phone... read more

    Davinia B. 18/01/19
    Kate K. Avatar

    This course along with the excellent support from Sarah made sure we were completely prepared for the birth. As it turns out I had a fantastic water birth in just... read more

    Kate K. 18/01/19
    Lauren T. Avatar

    Sarah was so friendly and full of knowledge. She always kept in touch after the birth which was nice. Also knowing she was a midwife at the hoisptal we were... read more

    Lauren T. 18/01/19
  • Joanne Meakin Avatar

    Fully recommend expecting classes with Freya she was an excellent facilitator and the content exceeded our expectations. 10/10.

    You are made to feel at ease and encouraged to ask questions and...
    read more

    Joanne Meakin 05/01/19
    Katie B. Avatar

    Brilliant classes which have really helped to prepare us for the birth of our first child. Freya is so approachable and each class very informative. We are looking forward to... read more

    Katie B. 18/12/18
    Lauren Girling Avatar

    I learnt alot from these classes. the majority of the stuff discussed I wouldn't of even thought off. I didn't make 2 classes but I had my login details which... read more

    Lauren Girling 10/12/18
    Julie W. Avatar

    Could not recommend Freya’s classes enough! Me and my husband found the sessions to be excellent and highly informative. Friendly atmosphere with other couples who were also becoming parents for... read more

    Julie W. 07/12/18
  • Rhian Avatar

    We are so grateful to Freya and Expecting. We had, had a rough time with midwives and we felt completely in the dark on what was going to happen. However... read more

    Rhian 07/12/18
    MissyBee Lovely Avatar

    I am so glad I found these classes as the information and advice from Freya has been invaluable! She put my mind at ease on a lot of fears and... read more

    MissyBee Lovely 05/12/18
    Emma Louise Avatar

    Highly reccomend these classes. Baby Finn was born 3 weeks ago by emergency faucepts. The advice and knowledge from Freya enabled me to be calm throughout (the epidural did help)... read more

    Emma Louise 29/11/18
    Kelly Aston Avatar

    My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole Expecting experience! Freya is awesome - she’s so sincere, approachable, available and encouraging. Her knowledge, support and guidance has been totally... read more

    Kelly Aston 12/11/18
  • Emma G. Avatar

    Fantastic!! We found each video informative and helpful, especially as we are first time parents. Freya answered any questions we had and made sure we are fully prepared not only... read more

    Emma G. 05/11/18
    Nicholas J. Avatar

    Brilliant classes, they really helped as we are first time parents. We were not sure if we needed them, but on going you realise how helpful they really are. I... read more

    Nicholas J. 30/10/18
    Sarah Rochelle Avatar

    Would highly recommend this course to anyone becoming parents for the first time. Having no other babies in the family as a reference point, we really needed guidance and a... read more

    Sarah Rochelle 30/10/18
    Michelle Johnstone Avatar

    The classes worked really well for us as we were both working full-time and they took place in the evening at a venue close to home. My husband and I... read more

    Michelle Johnstone 30/10/18
  • Fiona Wells Avatar

    So grateful to Anna for hosting this antenatal course! I honestly don’t know how we would have manage labour without it. The course covers lots of different areas and as... read more

    Fiona Wells 30/09/18
    Melissa C. Avatar

    A brilliant class and experience. It really helped prepare us for the birth and the little things we may not have thought of when baby arrived. Would highly recommend. 🙂

    Melissa C. 12/09/18
    Sarah H. Avatar

    I would highly recommend Expecting, so much more than just antenatal classes. Giving you confidence, reassurance & support throughout. FANTASTIC!

    Sarah H. 20/08/18
    Tahlia M. Avatar

    Throughly enjoyed these classes. Non of that sitting round on the floor doing breathing exercises like I was dreading just up-to-date practical information about pregnancy, birth and baby care.... read more

    Tahlia M. 13/07/18
  • Becky Sawbridge Avatar

    We were recommended the expecting classes by a family member and we are so glad we did them! Freya is amazing! The classes were so informative and really helped us... read more

    Becky Sawbridge 02/07/18
    Laura Louise Avatar

    We were lucky enough to have our classes with Freya, she was wonderful super friendly and answered all my questions leading to a lovely birth. Highly recommend !!

    Laura Louise 01/07/18
    Boobbie E. Avatar

    We booked this course as first time parents we were really nervous and wanted as much knowledge as possible to help us on our new journey. Sarah was amazing made... read more

    Boobbie E. 26/04/18
    Charlotte A. Avatar

    We booked the expecting classes after a recommendation from a friend. Sarah was professional, friendly and made us as first time parents feel at ease. Myself and my husband gained... read more

    Charlotte A. 19/04/18
  • Tamzin Babatola Avatar

    We specifically wanted to book these classes on the recommendation of some friends who had attended and found them very useful. Being from a medical background, myself and my husband... read more

    Tamzin Babatola 11/04/18
    Sarah Charlesworth Avatar

    Freya was really friendly and it was a great relaxed atmosphere. There was a no pressure approach to everything and all eventualities were covered so you were prepared for... read more

    Sarah Charlesworth 03/04/18
    Rachael K. Avatar

    Great classes, Freya is really knowledgeable and presented all facts in an honest and open way. Her help continued throughout the first manic weeks of motherhood via WhatsApp which was... read more

    Rachael K. 28/03/18
    Gemma M. Avatar

    My fiancé and I really enjoyed the Expecting classes. We highly recommend Katie. She created a lovely relaxed and informative environment, welcoming us into her home.

    The format was ideal for...
    read more

    Gemma M. 15/03/18
  • Nina Thorns Avatar

    I watched the online videos which were informative, succinct and massively useful in preparing for birth

    Nina Thorns 14/03/18
    Nina T. Avatar

    Freya offers informed advice in a kind and understanding way. I loved watching the videos and felt well prepared for birth.

    Nina T. 14/03/18
    Nicola R. Avatar

    I attended the Expecting classes run by Katie prior to the birth of my first child. I found the format of the sessions, with the videos made by Freya and... read more

    Nicola R. 14/03/18
    Tessa E. Avatar

    My husband and I really enjoyed and valued the time we spent at our expecting course classes. The videos were great and gave us lots to think and talk about... read more

    Tessa E. 14/03/18
  • Stacey M. Avatar

    Our Expecting class was run by Katie. She was lovely and very professional. Along with Freya’s videos Katie really helped take away a lot of anxiety that I guess comes... read more

    Stacey M. 14/03/18
    Kate Kny Avatar

    The Expecting course really prepared us for the birth of our son, we were lucky to have a great experience and this is in part to what we learned from... read more

    Kate Kny 04/03/18
    Leah W. Avatar

    Fantastic course which gave us a realistic view of what to expect throughout birth and early parenting. Would highly recommend to any first time parent or even somebody looking for... read more

    Leah W. 04/03/18
    Lucy Snell Avatar

    These classes are an absolute GAME CHANGER. So glad that I discovered them when I was pregnant with baby number two. Better than any pregnancy and birth book I’ve read.... read more

    Lucy Snell 04/03/18
  • Alia A. Avatar

    This is a great way to prepare for baby's arrival, and for the days to follow!

    Alia A. 04/03/18
    Tessa Elbourne Avatar

    My husband and I really enjoyed and valued the time we spent at our expecting course classes. The videos were great and gave us lots to think and talk about... read more

    Tessa Elbourne 03/03/18
    Nicole W. Avatar

    I can't recommend Expecting Classes highly enough. They guide you through every eventuality and prepare you for whatever you may face during labour. Ours wasn't straight forward, but thanks to... read more

    Nicole W. 27/02/18
    Siân Judson Avatar

    We attended Freya’s Expecting classes in September 2017. The course was fantastic, Freya was very friendly and made us feel at ease. The classes were really informative with a relaxed... read more

    Siân Judson 19/02/18
  • Evelyn Howe Avatar

    I would recommend this course to new parents and exsisting parents who feel they need a refresher. My story that I’m an exsisting Mother of an amazing girl. I wanted... read more

    Evelyn Howe 14/02/18
    Zoe Jayne Avatar

    Super helpful and informative session with Kate

    Zoe Jayne 14/02/18
    Sophie Louise Avatar

    Freya's expecting classes are brilliant!! We have learnt so much from the sessions and felt so much more prepared. I would recommend them to any expecting parents!

    Throughout the sessions we...
    read more

    Sophie Louise 09/02/18
    Laura Talbot Avatar

    I would highly recommend the Expecting antenatal classes. Freya has a wealth of knowledge and she delivers this in a relaxed, informative and informal way. We came away from the... read more

    Laura Talbot 09/02/18
  • Emma Priddey Avatar

    Fab course! A must for all first time parents. XxX

    Emma Priddey 09/02/18
    Emma Wadley Avatar

    I would highly recommend this course to anyone. It was excellent, we were made to feel very welcome. Freya is so friendly and is a great teacher! The sessions were... read more

    Emma Wadley 08/02/18
    Leila Booty Avatar

    We've been doing the online antenatal classes in Australia as a refresher for our upcoming second child (5 year gap!) and they're fantastic. Would highly recommend this course to anyone-... read more

    Leila Booty 28/01/18
    Charlotte Turner Avatar

    Freya's classes are absolutely fantastic and I would recommend to any parents to be. I can't believe how much we learnt in 4 sessions. Each session was really informative... read more

    Charlotte Turner 24/01/18
  • Kelly Murdoch Avatar

    We have just completed the expecting antenatal course with Freya and we really did have such a lovely time thank you! I was a little daunted about the thought of... read more

    Kelly Murdoch 24/01/18
    Louise Pristernik Avatar

    We’ve just finished the expecting course and loved it. Freya was fab, so knowledgeable and covered soooo many things in a relaxed manner. We truly feel more prepared now.... or... read more

    Louise Pristernik 23/01/18
    Maryam Al-jameel Avatar

    Highly recommend it... if you are in doubt just book it, i feel much prepared and informed with friendly relaxing atmosphere with couples are the same stage as you and... read more

    Maryam Al-jameel 05/12/17
    Norris Yousif Alward Avatar

    This course really opened our eyes to what to expect, can't believe we were even discussing if it worth the money or not! It is definitely a must have and... read more

    Norris Yousif Alward 01/12/17
  • Rachel Webb Avatar

    My husband and I completed an Expecting course earlier this year. Unsure of what to expect we were apprehensive before the first class, however Freya was so welcoming and quickly... read more

    Rachel Webb 30/11/17
    Emma Marrison Avatar

    5 stars! As first time parents we wanted to go to antenatal classes to learn more about the labour, birth and taking care of a baby. Freya was brilliant, we... read more

    Emma Marrison 04/10/17
    Natalie Williams Avatar

    Recommend ‘expecting’ to everyone I know who is expecting! Classes are relaxed and friendly and full of sensible, practical advice that leave you as prepared as possible for life with... read more

    Natalie Williams 03/10/17
    Hannah Brewer Avatar

    My husband and I attended classes back in 2015. Freya was fabulous and adapted the class to everyones individual need. Especially as we were expecting twins! We left knowing we... read more

    Hannah Brewer 30/09/17
  • Bianca Summers Avatar

    I have done Freya’s expecting classes twice now, the information filled within the 4 sessions are nothing but fantastic to get you prepared for your labour and arrival of your... read more

    Bianca Summers 30/09/17
    Alia H. Ayub Avatar

    Freya is an excellent teacher, and as first-time parents, she guided us on all aspects of labour as well as handy "after" tips as well. Highly recommend her classes! She... read more

    Alia H. Ayub 30/09/17
    Katie Harrison Avatar

    Fantastic, warm and friendly group sessions with no cringe worthy role play! Really helpful realistic non biased advice, me and my hubby wouldn't recommend anyone else. Freya is an absolute... read more

    Katie Harrison 29/09/17
    Nicole Wheatley Avatar

    We went to classes with Freya just before we had our first child. We were terrified!!! Freya made us feel instantly at ease. Her classes aren't designed to tell you... read more

    Nicole Wheatley 29/09/17
  • Tracy Coleman Avatar

    My husband & I did this course just under 4 years ago. I would recommend it, Freya puts you at ease & is very helpful with any questions you ask.

    read more

    Tracy Coleman 29/09/17
    Hayley Smialowska Avatar

    My husband and I attended Expecting Antenatal classes late 2012 in preparation for our first baby. We learnt so much during the sessions and looked forward to each one and... read more

    Hayley Smialowska 29/09/17
    Suzie Kemp Avatar

    My husband and I took part in the Expecting classes with Freya before the birth of our daughter nearly 5 years ago. We found the course to be really informative... read more

    Suzie Kemp 29/09/17
    Jemma Kimberley Avatar

    My partner and I completed antenatal classes back in 2014. Freya and Beckie were friendly, informative and very comforting. The classes meant that we understood what was happening/about to happen... read more

    Jemma Kimberley 29/09/17
  • Kristy Sedzikowski Avatar

    My husband and I did Freya's course over 2 years ago now with our first child.

    We were both nervous but it was a friendly course and she put us an...
    read more

    Kristy Sedzikowski 29/09/17
    Kymberley Sims Avatar

    Attended Expecting Antenatal classes just over 3 years ago, Freya is fabulous, no hideous embarrassing role play, just very informative, realistic, to the point advice on birth to breast feeding!... read more

    Kymberley Sims 29/09/17
    Lucy Frost Avatar

    Did the course 4 years ago and still say it was worth every penny! Freya put all of us first time parents at ease and we didn't feel silly for... read more

    Lucy Frost 29/09/17
    Georgina- Elizabeth Avatar

    me and my husband did freyas antenatal class and loved it so much. i was so nervous and had no reason to be. it was interesting, helpful and so relaxed... read more

    Georgina- Elizabeth 29/09/17
  • Laura Austen Avatar

    Expecting Antenatal classes are amazing. Honest, practical information given in a friendly, warm way. Freya's advice helped my husband and I go into the labour ward well informed and more... read more

    Laura Austen 29/09/17
    Sarah Booth Avatar

    We attended the classes for our first child and they were fun, relaxed but informative. We then completed a refresher course for our second child and we felt as prepared... read more

    Sarah Booth 29/09/17
    Nicola Haines Avatar

    Loved this course so much I wouldn't have known what to do after my c section without it xx

    Nicola Haines 29/09/17
    Dave Stephenson Avatar

    My wife and I did Freya's course over seven years ago now and I can't say how much we appreciated the knowledge we gained from the course. The amount of... read more

    Dave Stephenson 06/09/17
  • Bobbie Edge Avatar

    I couldn't fault anything about this course. Covers literally everything you could wana know. Would definately recommend 🙂

    Bobbie Edge 16/07/17
    Louise Hart Avatar

    Myself and my husband attended these classes in the July group. We didn't really know what to expect. It was very informative, very useful and we definitely feel more prepared.... read more

    Louise Hart 16/07/17
    Victoria Fyfe Avatar

    Fabulous course, me and my husband found it really informative and we feel so much more prepared for the birth of our daughter. Freya also made the course relevant for... read more

    Victoria Fyfe 04/07/17
    Melissa Williams Avatar

    We have just completed Freya's Expecting classes in Stafford and have thoroughly enjoyed it. We have learnt loads and feel much more prepared for the arrival of our little Miss!!... read more

    Melissa Williams 30/06/17
  • Luke Morgan Avatar

    My wife and I took the four part online course. After my first week of fatherhood I'm extremely glad of the knowledge we picked up. We have drawn on so... read more

    Luke Morgan 03/06/17
    Kathryn Ellis Avatar

    We attended a course run by becky in late 2015. It was fab, we got so much of off it. Very informative, relaxed setting and we met a great group... read more

    Kathryn Ellis 15/03/17
    Jenna Stopka Avatar

    We attended the class in 2012, my husband took some convincing to attend but after the first session he felt comfortable and didn't even need any bribes to go to... read more

    Jenna Stopka 10/03/17
    Vicky Edwards Avatar

    We have just finished our 4 week course in stafford with Beckie and she was just fab! We have learnt so much from the in depth information given. This course... read more

    Vicky Edwards 10/03/17
  • Ashlea Pedersen Avatar

    I attended these classes in late 2014 on the recommendation of a friend and was not disapointed. Freya has a fun way of approaching things and I absolutely loved every... read more

    Ashlea Pedersen 10/03/17
    Ruth Mashiter Avatar

    Expecting classes gave me so much confidence. I was really scared of labour and Freya answered all our questions and told us what to expect. She doesn't try and push... read more

    Ruth Mashiter 10/03/17
    Alicia Flintster Flint Avatar

    I highly recommend expecting mums (& dads) to get booked on this course.

    Super informative and prepared us both for our new arrival!

    Very professional and a great way...
    read more

    Alicia Flintster Flint 10/03/17
    Laura Jane Avatar

    We had our expecting course in 2011 and a refresher in 2013. What can I say? Freya was amazing, she did a down to earth and factual course which put... read more

    Laura Jane 10/03/17
  • Leah Wilkinson Avatar

    Absolutely fantastic classes. I learned so much more than I imagined I would and made some great friends along the way

    Leah Wilkinson 10/03/17
    Gemma Machin Avatar

    The classes were really informative, humorous and taught at just the right pace. It was a safe environment in which to ask questions and to share worries. It was lovely... read more

    Gemma Machin 10/03/17
    Siân La-Borde Avatar

    Freya and her classes were fantastic! Really thorough but in a relaxed, fun and informal format. Covered above and beyond what any other antenatal classes seem to do, and prepared... read more

    Siân La-Borde 10/03/17
    Katharine Lewney Avatar

    Fantastic course! I recommend it to all my pregnant friends. Really prepared us for what to expect in labour and after. �

    Katharine Lewney 10/03/17